About Us

The Indian Journey is a part of P&M Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune. The concept of “The Indian Journey" is the brainchild of Prajakta Marwaha, the Founder of The Indian Journey. The team of The Indian Journey has a deep love and interest for the country’s varied shades. In their numerous journeys through the different terrains of India they have come across many travellers around the globe who have come to uncover India, but all they get to see or know was already known to them through books and visual media. Their search for the true, real India remains a distant dream. They come as a tourist, stay in the hotels that are part of global chains, travel in international cars and eat continental food.

Their tour ends up being more of a sight-seeing tour than a real travel through India. There’s not much of India that they are able to experience during their stay. As a result, they end up taking back many nicely-clicked photographs but what they miss out on is carrying the true India back in their hearts Sensing this gap, we thought of showcasing India to the International travellers in a proper way of Indian tourism that would capture the heart and soul of India.

Our Indian tourism company is conceived to facilitate this unique initiative. Through this initiative company aims at reaching out to all the travellers around the world who are willing to experience India in the unconventional way and smell its true flavours. The Indian Journey stands true to its name and will be a life changing experience for all the travellers.


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